RO Water Purifier Services


An excellent Ro Water Purifier installed at home or any place offers clean and safe water to the users daily. The clean and safe water is a prerequisite to ensure better health for all members of the family and users. The RO Service in Indirapuram eliminates the possibility of the spread of any water borne diseases. The RO purifier works on the natural osmosis principle.

The Reserve Osmosis is the most advanced and effective technique used in the water purifiers the world around. Osmosis is a natural phenomenon in which molecules pass through a semi-permeable membrane from a less concentrated solution to the more concentrated solution. RO, reverse osmosis, is reverse of this natural phenomenon. Here the water with impurities is forced to pass through the membrane to a less concentrated side. The membrane not only removes physical impurities but also chemical ones, thus leaves water free from any impurity.

RO Wale offer RO Water Purifier Service in Indirapuram for clients from residential, commercial and industrial areas. Our technical teams guide the client to pick up the best product from a range of products to meet the need of pure water at the site. The team takes several facts into consideration before recommending the RO water purifier to the client. The type of water, hard or soft, source of water, size of the user base, and required supply of water, are the facts that determine the type of RO water filter a client would eventually install.

Our range of RO Water Purifier includes:
Aqua fresh 8 liters & 10 liter
Aqua guard 10 liters
10-liter PureIt RO of Hindustan liver
Kent RO 10 liter
10 Liter under sink RO
10 Litre dolphin RO
10 Litre assembled RO
Shine 10 liter, and
Aqua prime

Our After-sales services of Ro Water Purifier Service in Indirapuram include complete servicing and maintenance and repair services. The servicing and repair services are an essential part of the proper functioning of the RO purifier. Since the RO purifier works continuously, it requires periodic servicing for effective functioning. The servicing also increases the functional life of the RO purifier.

Our repair and servicing special features are:
No hidden cost – the technical team inspects the chimney and mentions the estimated cost of repair. The cost of the spare part is included in the total repair services. Everything is transparent, without any hidden cost.

Repair of all major brands – every type of chimney from any brand is repaired by our technical team. The team comes with the latest troubleshooting tools and equipment to detect the issue and complete the repair within the mentioned time. From simple to complicated issues are resolved.


If you are looking for a comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for your RO water purifier, Sairam enterprises is that one-stop solution. Our employee are industry experts in providing various types of RO water purifier services including repair, maintenance, installation, up-gradation and servicing of all kinds of water purifiers.

RO AMC Plans details
Duration Turnaround Time Pricing
30 minutes 2 hours Fixed
What's Included in RO AMC Plans?
• 4 Service visits / Year
• 1 Membrane replacement
• Replacements of all filters on every visit
• Parts will not be provided to customer in advance

Extended Warranty Features

Extends your manufacturer's warranty to make your Water Purifier last longer
Covers Malfunctions & Breakdowns
Free @Home Service
*1 Free Preventive Maintenance Check every year


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